IT’S HARD TO IMAGINE, but at one time my fear of failure almost prevented me from accepting a promotion that would advance my career.

I have to smile when I think back to that moment. At the time I was working in New York’s Garment District doing sales & product development for a manufacturer, when my boss told me I’d be launching a new division for the company. Fast forward a couple of years and I’m running a multi-million dollar division that I managed to launch successfully. Although I was doing really well according to society’s standards, I wasn’t fulfilled. I had hit a wall and it was time for a new challenge. I resigned and decided to embark on a journey.



As much as I love fashion and dressing up, I’m also a tee shirt and jeans girl at heart. Even with all the existing tee shirt brands, I had a difficult time finding what I was looking for: quality tees displaying subtle graphics that could be styled with pieces other than jeans and could even be worn to work. Throughout the development process I pieced together every important aspect that I wanted to represent:

  • focus on feminine – offer contemporary and feminine silhouettes, fit for a woman’s body. You won’t find any boxy and boyish graphic tees here!
  • support every effort to keep & create jobs in the U.S. - domestic manufacturing is a must. (It’s just one more opportunity for my kid cousin or your little brother to have a summer job at a local print shop and learn something new)
  • incorporate an outlet for creativity - a tee shirt is a perfect blank canvas for wearable art & expression (not just mine).
  • share a little piece of myself. Each graphic correlates with a small quote on the side. This is my story.
I’m excited to introduce the final concept in . Regardless of where this journey takes me, I’m grateful to have found the inner strength to walk away from society’s standards of success to explore the unknown. Everyone's path is different and there's no right or wrong, as long as you stay true to yourself.
How will you make your mark on the world? I’m still trying to figure out mine…and that’s okay.