How To Wear Your Favorite Tee to Work, Regardless of Your Job

Barbara Dolak

Wish you could ditch the stuffy button-down shirt? Silk blouses still at the dry-cleaners? Desperately want to wear a t-shirt to the office but not sure you’ll look professional enough? Have no fear! 
It doesn’t have to be casual Friday to rock your favorite tee. These looks are easy to put together and work well for women of all ages.  Here are 5 ways to wear your favorite tee while looking polished and on-point.
Leelee Sobieski does it right with a classic pencil skirtLEELEE SOBIESKI PAIRS HER TSHIRT WITH A PENCIL SKIRT PERFECTLY 
tuck your graphic tee into a fun, full skirttucked graphic tee paired with a fun, full skirt
our International Starlet tee with a sweater knit skirt & boots = stylishinternational starlet perfect tee bombelle
a tee with a long flowy skirt is chic with the right accessoriesgraphic tee with a long flow skirt is chic
Thandie Newton looks stellar in a classic suit and graphic teeThandie Newton pairs her suit with a graphic tee
bold & beautiful - spot on if you can get away with a red suit in your industry!bold red suit with a graphic tee
casual + professional in the same look thefashioneaters.comperfectly paired suit and tee for casual chic style
this monochromatic pairing is a no-brainermonochromatic suit and graphic tee
effortlessly sexy and polished at the same time trendytaste.comgraphic tee with blazer and denim by
mix simple pattern or add color to show your personality in your tshirt & blazer look preppy and polished by jcrew
conservative office? no problem! pair a gray suit jacket over your Perfect Teeblue fog harley perfect tee with blazer and dark denim
easy breezy tee & jacket combo by (no denim needed)easy breezy tee and jacket comfy by
Jessica Alba shows us how it's done with well fitting boot-leg slacks & teeJessica Alba looks polished in wide leg slacks and a tee
pair your fave graphic tee or our Zen Girl perfect tee with classic tweedpink lip zen girl tee styles with pink tweed
show your chic with a fab pair of culottes (just be sure to wear with heels to help elongate your legs with any cropped pant) http-// structured culottes and graphic tee for chic office style
sassy in stripes! keep it classy with a flattering fit - complete the look with simple accessoriest-shirts with striped pants for the office
feminine cardigan dress over our Blank Bella boatneck for a polished lookivory fitted faceless girl graphic tee with ivory cardigan dress and leggings
simple, comfortable and clean cut Death By Elocution  simple tee and cards combo
look professional in slacks, a wrap cardigan and our Blank Bella back drape teefaceless girl graphic tee styled with cream slacks and wrap cardigan
and just like that you've mastered the look...easy, breezy 1, 2, TEE!

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