A Note To All Women: Stop The Catty Bullshit! Time to Lift Each Other Up.

Barbara Dolak

a note to all women: stop the catty bullshit, time to lift each other up. Bombelle Blog, B's Belles & WhistlesI'm on the couch enjoying a glass of sauvignon blanc while skimming through new blogs and articles when I stumble upon Wardrobe Oxygen by Alison Gary, the blog that prompted me to write this post.

My initial vision of the Bombelle target customer was slightly off-track.  As it turns out, our biggest fans are a wee-bit more sophisticated (or dare I say mature).  Am I surprised?  Not at all.  I started Bombelle because I found most graphic tees to be too loud, bold and casual.  The goal was to create a go-to source for chic, stylish and versatile graphic tees.  So it's no surprise that our customer is actually between the ages of 35 and 55.  Being a 36 year old woman, I can say with confidence that I understand our younger customer base.  In order to get a better perspective on our other fabulous customers, I decided to turn to blogs geared towards 40+ women.

As I read through Alison's insightful articles, what stood out most to me were the comments beneath each blog post.  It isn't necessarily the content of each reply that prompted me to write this, but the tone.  The numerous comments written by Alison's followers are open and uplifting words of encouragement towards one another; all being women!

I'm not sure if Alison just happens to have bad-ass followers, or maybe we actually grow up and mature past that mean-girl phase as we get older.  The truth is, it felt good to read the comments written by these women, lifting one another up. actually felt great!

In 5 Major Differences Between Men & Women at Work, Shannon McFayden reminds us that women truly embrace the meaning of the term "team player".  We share ideas, listen to one another and we work together collaboratively when it comes to business. So let's try to apply that to our personal lives and cut out the petty B.S.  It's time for us to support one another, so we can grow as a strong united front!




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