7 Sensational Tee Brands

Barbara Dolak

With today’s fashion trends leaning toward a more casual and athleisure inspired vibe, graphic tees clearly aren’t going anywhere.  Just like the fusion of celebrity couple names, graphic tees have increased in scope and popularity: they make a statement, they’re memorable, they’re personal and hopefully will last for a while.  While there’s no shortage of options, is there really enough distinction among the graphic tees we see?  Here are seven brands that dominate the graphic tee thing (in no particular order).  What will be your go-to brand?
known for: feminine graphic tees that tell a story, chic New York style
$45 to $90  
This is where you’ll find graphic tees versatile enough to wear to work, yet chic enough for happy hour.  It’s apparent how the clean and stylish aesthetic appeals to women of all ages, even those who “don’t wear graphic tees”. Best of all, there’s a small and almost secret quote printed on the side seam. Some are profound and others funny, but they all encourage strength and empathy towards womanhood (high five to that!)  So you’ll need to look elsewhere if you want to boast your thoughts across your chest.
fabrics used: varies between 50/50 supima cotton/modal blends, 100% micromodal and cotton/spandex for the fitted styles
where's it made? made in USA
bombelle women's luxe tees collage
known for:  French luxury design house
$110 to $175
Most of the graphics are branded, but who wouldn’t want to sport the Kenzo name proudly? Quite a few styles feature a version of their signature eye graphic. Silhouettes are boxy with slight variation in necklines and sleeves.
fabrics used: 100% cotton
where's it made? made in Portugal
known for:  recreating the perfect vintage tee
The line consists mostly of standard boxy tee bodies but they get a thumbs up for their fun and unexpected styling.  While the majority of designs feature verbiage, the unusual print placement on some keep it interesting.  The graphics featuring imagery have a slightly artistic flair.  Think west coast vintage fun!
fabrics used: most are 100% cotton with a few blends, 50/50 cotton/poly and 50/50 cotton/modal
where's it made? made in USA
known for:  "California style"
$69 to $125
The muscle tee body seems to be their thang.  Many of the graphics are versions of blown-up lip images as well as big, bold quotes printed across the front. These masterminds behind Juicy Couture, way back when, clearly have a leg up in California cool-girl style.
fabrics used: all made of a tri-blend of 50% poly/38% cotton/12% rayon
where's it made? made in USA
known for: “vintage inspired clothes for dreamers"
$62 to $98
There’s no doubt that these tees are dreamy and cute. Half their graphic tees are covered with fun and quirky imagery like flamingos, grilled cheese sandwiches, wine glasses and disco ball pasties (that’s right, pasties - as in what your stripper-next-door wears to work). The other half of the line has sayings printed boldly across the front…”hell no. cardio.” I don’t know about you, but this 35 year old body needs that cardio, so it’s a hell yes for me!
fabrics used: most are 50/50 cotton/poly blend, some are made with 50/50 cotton/modal blends, as well as some rayon/poly blends and a few are 100% cotton
where's it made? made in USA
known for: “taking a nod from vintage and a page out of music history"
$59 to $64
This brand boasts bold verbiage, rock & roll, skulls, lips, pineapples, hearts, etc…sounds a lot like Forever21, doesn’t it? Well apparently Chaser has been around since 1988 so they were probably the ones to pave the path for the California aesthetic graphic tee trend - cheers to that.
fabrics used: most tees are made of a cotton/poly blend, few and far between are 100% cotton
where's it made? produced "overseas" 
known for: “graphic tee obsessed” casual tops brand with celebrity Ashley Tisdale in the role of Creative Director
$29 to $41
Most of the graphics are quotes (seems to be the trend).  Although the few image graphics they offer aren’t particularly unique, you sure can’t beat the price!
fabrics used: made mostly of different blends like cotton/poly, cotton/modal, poly/cotton/rayon tri-blend, rayon/spandex and some 100% cotton
where's it made? made in Vietnam

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